Terms and Conditions

Furniture Specifications
You as the buyer are solely responsible for the final selection including the suitability of a particular design, its dimensions, finish and colour. It is your liability to ensure that the furniture will fit in your home/office with your existing furniture. We are not able to refund or exchange should you change your mind or you have not taken time to look into the design of your custom made piece.

Safe Use of Furniture
You are responsible for making your own assessment regarding the safe use of furniture however we recommend your furniture be fixed to a stable wall using an anchor brace available from a hardware store. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices so please be sure to use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.

Senkki Furniture recommends that you always use caution and supervise children around furniture even if anchored. Any condition caused by or contributed to by negligence of client, visitors or others is not the responsibility of Senkki Furniture.

Handmade Items
Our furniture is completely hand made which can result in some variance in construction, colour and size. This is the beauty of a hand-crafted item!

Design & Drawings
We pride ourselves on the individuality of our designs. The technical drawings of any piece that is an original design by Senkki Furniture remains our property at all times. No rights to the design or technical drawings will transfer to the customer.

Payment Method
We accept the following method of payment: direct deposit into our bank account.

Please note that delivery schedules given by Senkki are estimates only. There are influences that remain out of our control which may effect the arrival date. However, we assure you we will always endeavor to do our very best to complete your order on time.

Please note it is the responsibility of the buyer to supply Senkki with the correct mailing address. Should your item be returned because of the incorrect address the buyer will be charged for the re-delivery of the item.

Instructions for Care
To enjoy your new piece/s of furniture; we recommend you give it a full wax once a year. In dryer months or under extreme conditions such as air conditioning, a fireplace or heater, and for pieces that are of high use, you may want to wax more frequently. If you allow timber to dry out it will start to look dull and lifeless. By applying wax you will enhance the natural beauty of the timber.

Avoid placing timber furniture in direct sunlight, especially under a glass window - as this will magnify sunlight and may cause damage to the timber. Please remember the more kindness you show your furniture, the more time you will have to enjoy it. For regular cleaning we recommend to simply wipe over your furniture with a damp cloth.

Using a clean cloth and wax; use a small amount of wax on your cloth and rub into furniture in a circular motion. When you have waxed all surfaces buff off the excess with a dry clean cloth. Remember to buff off in the same direction as the grain. DO NOT USE furniture sprays/polish that are silicone-based products, as they will dry out the timber.

Please Remember - With hand made furniture there are defined characteristics inherent in all pieces giving each piece its uniqueness. If you are searching for more perfectly finished product, we suggest the need for you to look at machine-manufactured furniture, of which is mass-produced.

A 2-year warranty covers the structural integrity of timber items. We ensure the quality of our design and workmanship, expecting them to provide a lifetime of enjoyment when subject to their intended use.

Thing you should know:
If your product has natural solid timber components it will contain different colour shades and granular variations. It may also mature and darken over time. Being natural solid timber, it will also move to some degree over time. This is part of the character wooden furniture; and one of the best things about our furniture- no two pieces are the same!

This warranty does NOT cover: 

  • Misuse of the product or damage due to varying circumstances

  • Damage due to acts of God 

  • Damage from exposure to extreme weather conditions or extreme temperatures from natural sources or man made - including cracking, warping & fading

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, scratches or burns 

  • Inappropriate use of any cleaning products 

  • Every day wear and tear 

  • Furniture that has been dragged along the floor; damaging the legs

  • Minor movement in natural timber over time 

  • Damage to third party property 

  • Damage caused from covering the furniture with glass or plastic in order to protect the timber

  • Placing items on the furniture that may cause damage to the lacquer, timber or finish such as rubber & felt mats, or runners.

  • Damage by carrier beyond first point of delivery by Senkki Furniture staff or our nominated delivery service

Inspection of products is required on delivery. Any damage must be noted on delivery docket presented to you by carrier for signature. Notification is required within 24 hours to our sales office of any damages. We will not be responsible for any damage unless we are notified within time period specified above.

Claiming under this warranty:

  • Contact the Senkki Furniture with proof of purchase.

  • Photographs of furniture and packaging are to be supplied with all warranty claims.

  • All packaging must be kept for inspection. 

  • Senkki Furniture reserves the right to determine manufacturing faults and to repair or replace the item at their discretion. 

  • The purchaser shall prepay all transportation charges for returned furniture to Senkki Furniture for repairs or replacement and the handling costs incurred in the re-delivery of the new item. Any loss or damage to returned goods during transit back to Senkki Furniture, is the responsibility of the buyer.